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IDR III/1, 84

Denumirea piesei:
Funerary statue base;
Material, technology:
limestone, classically carved with the beautifully incised inscription;
State of preservation:
very good,
150 x 62 x 42 cm, h (letters) = 7 cm;
he monument is soberly made according to classical canons, the ornate capital has a central rosette on the pediment, and at the corners acrotere and palmettes that are repeated on the side faces;
D (is) M (anibus) / Ael (ius) Corneli - / us vet (eranus) vix (it) / an (nis) LXXX / Ael (ia) Primiti - / va coniugi / b (ene) m (erenti) p (osuit) Literary translation: Gods of the Hands, veteran Aelius Cornelius lived in the 80's Aelia Primitiva to her worthy husband (monument).
Place of discovery:
the Roman camp at Mehadia (in the archeological excavations of 1942), reused to fill the enclosure wall in the late Roman era;
Observations, dating:
I.I. Russu considers that the deceased is a veteran former soldier of the III Dalmatian cohort who stationed at Mehadia, the inscription can be dated according to the form of rendering the names in the third century, after 212 AD, the year of the Antoninian Constitution;
Place of storage:
Banat National Museum Timisoara, inv. No .: IV 6345;
Bibliography and databases:
I. I. Russu, Roman inscriptions from Praetorium (Mehadia), in Banatica no. 2/1973, pp. 106 - 108 (fig. 3); Rada Varga, The peregrini of Roman Dacia (106-212), Ed. Mega, Cluj-Napoca, 2014, pp. 44-45; URL 15036; HD 011444; EDCS-11200401
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