Visiting hours: Wednesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00 (closed on Mondays and Thuesdays)

Mission, vision, values

The mission of the National Museum of Banat is to research, preserve and restore the cultural, material and intangible assets of historical Banat, to highlight, make accessible and disseminate scientific information for the purpose of educating and recreating the public. Through its activity, the Banat Museum contributes to the knowledge and promotion of the material and spiritual testimonies of the existence and evolution of the human community and the environment in the western part of Romania and in the neighboring regions.


The Banat Museum will assert itself as a museum of national importance, contributing to the development and consolidation of local and regional identity in a national and international context, constituting, par excellence in the complex museum activity, a cultural landmark in the West.


In the professional activity:

assuming ethical and professional standards
recognition of personal merit

In relations with the professional environment and the public:

continuing education
diversity in programs and approaches
accessibility to heritage
co-responsibility in heritage conservation

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