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Exhibit of the month

Huniade Castle Medieval Festival – July 22-24 – Huniade Castle Park

The National Museum of Banat together with the Timis County Council organizes the 4th edition of the Medieval Festival of Huniade Castle. Shining armour, horses, war camps, swords, axes, cannons and rifles, common knights and the flower of knights, skilful cooks, beautiful maidens and famous craftsmen, minstrels and comedians, squires and noblemen of note: you […]

The exhibition “150 years since the foundation of the National Museum of Banat” – (Maria Theresia Bastion, Attic B1)

The exhibition “150 years since the foundation of the National Museum of Banat” is a chronological one and contains more than 150 priceless heritage objects, many of which will be seen by the public for the first time. The event illustrates the work of all the sections of the National Museum of Banat, from the […]

The exhibition “In love with memories” (Maria Theresia Bastion, hallway)

“In Love with Memories” is an exhibition created as a result of the competition with the same name organized by the National Museum of Banat. It consists of 40 photographs illustrating love as seen by the contestants.

The exhibition ,,A glimpse into the future – 100 years of Pier Paolo Pasolini” Maria Theresia Bastion, Attic B2)

“A glimpse into the future – 100 years since the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini” is a photography exhibition that will also include film screenings and previously unseen videos from his life.

Exhibit of the month of July, “The Greater Spotted Eagle” (Maria Theresia Bastion, hallway)

Clanga clanga (Pallas, 1811), Class Aves, Order Falconiformes, Family Accipitridae “The Greater Spotted Eagle is a species characteristic of low-elevation woodlands near wetlands. Body length is 59-69 cm and average weight is between 1600-2500 g, with females being larger (up to 3200 g). Wing span is 153-177 cm. It is a large, compact bird with […]

Stefan Popa Popa’S Museum (Maria Theresia Bastion)

Ștefan Popa Popa ‘S is an important representative of contemporary visual art. For his great talent, precision and speed of work, he has won numerous national and international awards. The Popa’S Museum is part of the Visual Arts Department of the National Museum of Banat and is located in the Theresia Bastion (in the courtyard […]
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