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IDR III/1, 170

Denumirea piesei:
Funeral star? (small fragment from the central area of ​​the inscribed monument);
Material, technology:
calcareous tiles, letters neatly inscribed;
State of preservation:
relatively good, the fragment represents only the end of the bilingual inscription;
30 x 40 x 9 cm, h (letters) = 3.5 cm;
the shape of the letters is elongated and the lines are carefully lined up;
. / ……… / [ex n (umero) Palmyren] orum vi [xit ann (is)….] / […….?] E x eis mili (tavit) anni [s]…. / […… T] hemhes fratr [i be -] / [nemeren] ti pos (uit) Palmyrean text (from left to right)> BR TYB…. Translation:… from the unit numerus of palmyreni lived years…, Themhes put the epitaph to the worthy brother. The text written in Aramaic also mentions another name… son of Taibol = Tyb (wl).
Place of discovery:
found in a reused secondary position in the wall of the great camp at Tibiscum;
Observations, dating:
the Latin inscription was doubled by a text written in Aramaic (late 2nd / early 3rd century AD);
Place of storage:
Banat National Museum Timisoara, inv.inv: (fni);
Bibliography and databases:
Doina Benea, Petru Bona, Tibiscum, Ed. Museion, Bucharest, 1994; Ovidiu Țentea, Ex Oriente Ad Danubium. The Syrian Units on the Danube Frontier of the Roman Empire, Mega Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2012, pp. 71-72; UEL 15196; HD 044783; EDCS-11200474
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