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IDR III/1, 160

Denumirea piesei:
Funerary star;
Material, technology:
augite-andesite by Uroiu, the stone is quite neatly worked and inscribed (it also shows traces of red painting in some places);
State of preservation:
good, only the top is partially destroyed;
138 x 43 x 30 cm, h (letters) = 5 cm (first row 7 cm);
in the upper register, rendered in a niche, appear the carved busts of two young bearded men with curly hair;
D (is) M (anibus) / Antonio / Marco / et Val (erio) Iulian - / o mil (itibus) ex Pa - / lmyra vix (erunt) a - / n (nis) XXX po (suit) Ae - / l (ius) Priscus / b (ene) merentibus Translation: The gods Mani, Antonius Marcus and Valerius Iulianus, soldiers from Palmyra lived 30 years, put Aelius Priscus to those who deserved it.
Place of discovery:
found in a reused secondary position in the wall of the great camp at Tibiscum;
Observations, dating:
the text has the letter A without the horizontal bar, most likely the middle of the 2nd century AD;
Place of storage:
Banat National Museum Timisoara, inv. No .: IV 6362;
Bibliography and databases:
Doina Benea, Petru Bona, Tibiscum, Ed. Museion, Bucharest, 1994; Ovidiu Țentea, Ex Oriente Ad Danubium. The Syrian Units on the Danube Frontier of the Roman Empire, Mega Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2012, pp. 71-72; UEL 15007; HD 046535; EDCS-11200465
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