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IDR III/1, 139 = CIL III 7997

Denumirea piesei:
Votive altar;
Material, technology:
Bucova marble, elegantly carved and inscribed;
State of preservation:
the piece is whole, but the surface especially in the area of ​​the edges is quite gnawed, the monument was used for a long time in the Middle Ages and modern times as an altarpiece in a church in Caransebeș;
113 x 52 x 41 cm, h (letters) = 4.8 cm;
the altar is a large one, the monument has under the capital in the central area a round metal piece inserted above the inscription, and above the capital a very deep hemispherical focus and which has an external drainage channel that is oriented behind the stone;
I (ovi) O (ptimo) M (aximo) D (olicheno) / Iulius / Valentin [us] / [f] lamen m (unicipii) T (ibisci) / pro salutem / suam suorum - / que omnium / contubern (al ) ium / v (otum) l (ibens) m (erito) p (osuit) Literary translation: To Jupiter the too good and great (also called) Dolichenus, Iulius Valentinus, priest of the municipality of Tibiscum for his health and that of his people, a to all and to his faithful, the oath was gladly fulfilled according to merit.
Place of discovery:
The voluminous monument was discovered in a secondary position in Caransebeș, in the middle of the 19th century, but according to the content of the text it certainly comes from Tibiscum.
Observations, dating:
The dating of the inscription can be made due to the dedicator, who is a well-known personality in the North-Danubian provincial world, especially during the reign of Emperor Septimius Severus, late 2nd / early 3rd century AD.
Place of storage:
Banat National Museum Timisoara no. Inv: IV 6346;
Bibliography and databases:
Doina Benea, Petru Bona, Tibiscum, Ed. Museion, Bucharest, 1994; Doina Benea, Septimius Severus and Tibiscum, in Patrimonium Banaticum, II / 2003, Mirton Publishing House, Timișoara, pp. 91-93; UEL 17561; HD 043617; CCID 00163; EDCS-28400678
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