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IDR III / 1, 138

Denumirea piesei:
Votive altar (fragmentary);
Material, technology:
Bucova marble, sculpted according to the classical canons of provincial Roman art;
State of preservation:
the fragmented piece at the time of discovery, the text of the monument is kept in very good condition, except for the base area (which required a complete restoration);
60 x 41 x 31 cm, h (letters) = 5 - 6 cm;
the altar is a small one, inscribed in a minimalist and sober style;
I (ovi) O (ptimo) M (aximo) / Laecanius / Paulinus / vet (eranus) v (otum) s (olvit) Literary translation: To Jupiter the too good and great, veteran Laecanius Paulinus, fulfilled the oath.
Place of discovery:
The monument was discovered during excavations in the Tibiscens camp in 1967, in front of one of the gates of the camp;
Observations, dating:
The dedicator is also known from another votive inscription at Tibiscum (IDR III / 1, 137) and due to this fact we can also date this epigraph sometime during the reign of Emperor Caracalla;
Place of storage:
Banat National Museum Timisoara no.inv: IV 7496;
Bibliography and databases:
Doina Benea, Petru Bona, Tibiscum, Ed. Museion, Bucharest, 1994; Adrian Husar, Celts and Germans in Roman Dacia, Cluj University Press, Cluj-Napoca, 1999, pp. 147-148; UEL 15198; HD 046508; EDCS-11200449
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