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IDR III / 1, 11

Denumirea piesei:
Votive altar (partially preserved);
Material, technology:
limestone conglomerate, quite rudimentary made;
State of preservation:
fragmentary piece, only something on the right side is preserved, the stone being very worn and rounded at the corners;
50 x 46 x 35 cm, h (letters) = 5 cm;
the altar is small, the moldings of the frame of the field schematically carved carved;
I (ovi) [Opt (imo) M (aximo) / Doli [cheno] / Q (uintus) Petro [nius] / Novatus [Praef (ectus) / coh (ortis) V Gal [l (orum) v (oto) p (osuit) Literary translation: To Jupiter the good and great, (also called) Dolichenus puts this offering Quintus Petronius Novatus, prefect of the 5th cohort of Gauls.
Place of discovery:
Serbian Pojejena. The piece was saved by the captain of the port of Moldova Veche M. Georgescu, his widow will donate in 1950, the collection of antiques to the Museum of Banat Timisoara;
Observations, dating:
the name of this knight is well known because he later became a procurator in Africa; the inscription attests to the faith of the dedicator and his first equestrian militia, which would have been consumed before 160 BC;
Place of storage:
Banat National Museum Timisoara (Georgescu collection), inv.inv: IV 6344;
Bibliography and databases:
AE 1972, 00490; CCID 172; UEL 15183; HD 009772; EDCS-11200351
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