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CIL III 14503, 1 = AE 1902, 20

Denumirea piesei:
Base of an inscribed Dolichen statuette;
Material, technology:
gray marble, carved with the inscription carelessly incised, the letters are marked with black paint;
State of preservation:
fragmentary, only the base of the statue is preserved, worn heavily on the corners;
L = 12.5 cm; h (base) = 5.6 cm; h (total) = 8 cm; lat = 5.5 cm, h (letters) = 1.1 cm;
the quadrilateral pedestal of the Dolichenian statuette, of which only the hooves of the bull and the altar under the body of the animal have been preserved.
[I] o (i) Opt (imo) M (aximo) Dl (i) c (h) eno e / x vot (o) Ael (i) Silvanus / {h} et Leonides leg (ionis) sig (niferes) / [b] en (e) mr (entibus) Literary translation: To Jupiter the good and great, (also called) Dulcenus (= Dolichenus) I put this offering to Aelius Silvanus and (Aelius) Leonides flags of the legion as promised.
Place of discovery:
Veliko Gradište / Pincum, Moesia Superior. The piece was sold to the honvezi commander from Orșova, Imre Pongrácz, at the end of the 19th century by a Serbian merchant, thus entering his private collection.
Observations, dating:
for the formula of Iovi optimo maximo Dulceno we have some examples at: Domnești, Vrlika, Mauer an der Url, and for the type of monument we find the closest analogy to Egeta.
Place of storage:
Banat National Museum Timisoara (Pongrácz collection), inv. No: 1300.
Bibliography and databases:
Anton v. Premerstein, ÖJh, 4, (1901); Beibl. Sp. 77; Călin Timoc, Imola Boda, Notes on the Dolichenian Monument from Pincum (Veliko Gradište), Starinar 66/2016, pp. 121-127; EDCS-16800215
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