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IDR III/1, 75 = CIL III 1576

Denumirea piesei:
Imperial statue base;
Material, technology:
calcareous sandstone, neatly made inscription;
State of preservation:
fragmentary state (only the first rows have been preserved), the surface of the inscribed field blunted due to its age;
80 x 57 x 25 cm, h (letters) = 5.5 - 6 cm;
the piece represents only the field of the inscription and a part of the capital of the monument, on the right side of the stone there is an ornament in the shape of a vessel handle. The artistically made letters, the text presents many ligatures, but also leaves as dividing signs between words;
Imp (eratori) caes (ari) div [i] / Hadr (iani) fil (io) div (i) [Tra -] / ia (ni) nep (oti) divi Ner [vae] / pronep (oti) T ( ito) Aelio / Hadr (iano) Antonin (o) / aug (usto) pio pont (ifici) / max (imo) trib (uniciae) pot (estatis) / XX [III co (n) s (uli) IIII…. ] / Liter Literary translation: Emperor Caesar son of the divine Hadrian, nephew of the divine Trajan, great-grandson of the divine Nerva, Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus, Pius, great pontiff, acclaimed by the army on the battlefield as a twice-victorious tribal power twenty-third time, consul fourth time,….
Place of discovery:
brought to light in 1857, in the ruins of the Mehadia camp (without clear context);
Observations, dating:
the inscription was certainly placed by the garrison of the camp at Mehadia, dating to the last years of the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius (if the last row is correct, then the year the monument was erected is 160 AD).
Place of storage:
Banat National Museum Timisoara, inv. No .: IV 6347;
Bibliography and databases:
Doina Benea, Roman cult building from Praetorium (Mehadia), Excelsior Art Publishing House, Timișoara, 2008; Călin Timoc, Beiträge zur Geschichte der cohors III Delmatarum ∞ equitata im Römischen Dakien, în Thracia (In honorem annorum LXX Alexandri Fol), XV, 2003, pp. 279 - 280; UEL 17560; HD 0463999; EDCS-26600772
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